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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Google Is Shutting Down Google+ But Why ? | freaky fact

                  Google Is Shutting Down Google+ But Why?

Google Is Shutting Down Google+ But Why

Yes, of course, you listening to it right that Google is now going to shutting down the service of Google+ in the next few months. Now Google has gradually been causing out the email to those people who have an account on Google+. (Basically to those users that don’t use Google + regularly).Indirectly they want to clear out any profile that has no means.

The company writes about it in a blog post. You can check it out from here (Google Blog). Though Google is an immense social network. I am not surprised that Google has decided to step out in this direction.
This Could Be A Reason.

This Could Be A Reason:

The decision follows the disclosure of a previously unpublished security flaw that was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. This massive data exposure exposed users’ profile data that was wiped out in March 2018. 

The company discovered a bug in one amongst Google+ API that allowed apps access to information from Google+ profiles that weren't marked as public. It enclosed static information fields like name, email, occupation, gender, and age. It didn't embrace info from Google+ posts. The bug was patched in March 2018, however, Google did not inform users at that time.

The organization says that Google is concentrating on a "protected corporate interpersonal organization," which is odd considering this declaration comes close by the news that the organization left profile subtleties unprotected.

Last year, Google proclaimed that it might stop its long-standing practice of scanning the contents of individual Gmail users for advertising functions. Of course, the corporation still has lots of knowledge though it can easily target advertisements against, like Search history, YouTube views, etc.

Google New Services in 2019 :

Google says that users have low usage and engagement with google+. Google wants to keep the services of Google+ alive to enterprise users who use it to facilitate conversation among co-workers.

A lot of the functionality that was solely available through Google+ is currently accessible through GMB.

Another segment that is presently taking off to all GMB postings is the capacity to include a depiction, which was accessible two or three years prior before Google dropped it's Google+ support. Presently they've included it again by means of GMB.
In addition to shutting down Google+ services, the organization declared new security adjustments for other Google service. API changes will confine developers’ access to data on Android devices and Gmail. Designers can nevermore get decision log and SMS authorizations on Android gadgets and call collaboration info will not be accessible through the Android Contacts API.

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