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Monday, March 25, 2019

3 things that will make you a Superhero

3 things that will make you a  Superhero | freakyfact

3 things that will make you a Superhero

Everyone loves superheroes and Marvel movies. Many of us dream that if they can fly through the air and shoot webs out of their hands.

In fact, everybody is a superhero, everyone has a superhuman capability and millions of years of organic intelligence.

Here am going to share with you how to start using your hidden potential to be a superhero.

SuperHero Vision

SuperHero Vision freakyfact

In my childhood, I used to read superhero comics a lot and try to mimic my favorite superhero - 'SUPERMAN'.

I put an apron on my back and running around the ground, having my one hand directed to the sky. when I was pretending to be a superman I realized that I had so much energy and courage of acting that all.

It is something that I always wanted for my self and I do my best every single day to be the best superhero version of myself.

And you can too !!!!

Ask your self: what is your superhero vision, means - what you want to be in the future. Do not focus on what you 'can not do' focus on what you 'can do'

Create a strong and clear vision that will inspire you every morning and evening because a clear vision may bring meaning to your life.

See, every superhero has a vision either he is saving humanity or fighting with an enemy. it is a hero's journey.

Always be static and unbowed to your vision. same as Batman as he always wanted to see the GAUTHAM city safe and secure.

SuperHero Principles.

SuperHero Principles.

It is something that you live by and also how you react every single day. Note down all your daily principle and make a checklist. Do those things that make you and others happy.

No matter what is your job profession either you are a teacher or you are a firefighter unknowingly your actions can create a good impact over other life, but it is all up to you.

flush out those ones which are unnecessarily stuck to your routine and add valuable one which can impact over other life.

1) ACT Gently:

As you watch in Marvel Movies a Superhero always remains gentle and respectful with others. He always stands for the right things whether they impact him negatively.

you have to set your self as an example for others.

2) Help Others

A Superhero never moves back to help poor and ill people. step out and provide food and shelter to homeless people.

Find something good to do in your area and try to be as helpful as you can. Don't show them your back while others can.

3) Improve Your Stamina & Strength

Like Batman, You also have to be fit and strong. Go to the gym and work on your strength and stamina.
  • Do exercise like Squats, Dips, Pull up, Rops, etc. These all will help you to develop your strength and keep you in a Superhero shape.
  • Practice meditation and deep breathing these will help you to be more active and focused.

4) Eat Healthily

Avoid junk and fast food (here I mean to say that eat them but only for taste but don't include them in your diet plan ).

Add a proper ratio of carbs, fats, and protein in your diet according to your weight and height. Use Calories Calculator to map them.

click here to check your daily intake of Protein, Carbs, and fats

A superhero always maintains his physique.!!!!!!

Superhero Actions & Learning.

Superhero Actions and Learning.

Every superhero fight against crime and negative people. There are many situations come into our lives in which we can potentially stop a crime without putting yourself in danger.

Take initiative while others are mocking !!!!

  • Always ready to grab new and update your self because  "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will"(Vince Lombard)
  • Take actions that inspire others.!!
  • Rember to be the superhero in the eyes of others, you have to increase your self-esteem in your own eyes. For this, you can do the following things. 

1) Make Good Friends 

Making a Good friend can shorten your journey of being a superhero. So spend time with friends who can have a good effect on you.

Do not pretend to be an over smart person to get your friend attention. Do not do any stupid activity to impress your friend for which you have to embrace in your own eyes.

2) When you make a mistake, do not lose "HOPE"

Being a Real-life Superhero journey is not so easy. There are some good things and some bad in everyone. We need to be proud of our good one and try to overcome from bad one

Always REMEMBER !!!!

When we compare our imperfections with the merits of others, we begin to dislike ourselves.


Yes, inside all there is a superhero just need to find it and take him out. Being a super-hero is not a speedy process but it takes time. I hope my suggestions will help you on your journey.

Share your story or any incident, if you ever had been got a chance to be a Real-Life Superhero.

One Small Request

If you really like this post and find it interesting and helpful for yourself then share this post and give others a chance to be a SUPERHERO !!!!

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